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By Rhonda R. Smart | 29 October 2022 | 0 Comments

What Can You Do to Maintain the Flavor of Your Vape Juice?

Keeping up with the flavor of your vape juice is surprisingly hard. When you are new to vaping, you might not know how to maintain the flavor of your vape juice. Knowing how you can keep vape juice fresh is essential to having an enjoyable experience using your vape pen.

How to Make your Vape Juice Taste Better

• Avoid Air and Light

The first thing that you should do to keep the flavor of your vape juice is to avoid getting air into the bottle. Outside air will affect the taste of your vape juice.

Avoiding burning the cotton on the inside of your vape is also important. This can happen when you press the buttons on your vaporizer too fast or too hard. It takes time and practice to get good at pressing the buttons on your vaporizer without producing too much air pressure or letting too much air in.

Another thing that air does is change the taste of your vape juice. If you accidentally let some air into the bottle, then try breathing through a bottle with air in it, you will notice that your breath tastes bad. Changing the taste of your breath has happened to everyone at some point in their life and can happen even if you do not notice it happening.

The chemicals that are found in vape juice can easily be altered if they are exposed to air, as outside air contains contaminants that you don’t want entering into your lungs. If you leave the vacuum seal of your juice bottle open for too long or do not properly close the lid on your vaporizer after using it, then those chemicals will be able to seep in and change the flavor of your vapor.

To avoid these leaks, make sure that when you are not adding juice to your vape, you properly lock it away so that no one can access your juice and add extra flavoring agents or capacitys to the juice (namely spit and humid air). Having access to your juice could be dangerous if someone else were around who did not know about how to maintain the flavor of vape juice.

Light can also affect the flavor of your vape juice. Just like leaving furniture out in the sun, light can lower the quality of your vape juice. Natural sunlight can cause your juice to lose flavor and separate the chemical bonds that are giving you the right flavor.

• Avoid Heat

Avoiding heat damage is not something that most people think about when they are putting up their vape juices until it happens to them. Once the vape juice gets hot, they wish that someone would have told them about avoiding heat damage back when they were new to this hobby. Avoiding heat damage means having a good understanding of the temperature range your juice is supposed to be stored. Staying cooler than room temperature is about how cold you should keep your vape juice.

• Choose the Right Container

Choosing the right container for your vape juice is also especially important to keep the quality and flavor of your vape juice. Most of the time, premium juice bottles will do the trick, however, the best container for vape juices is a glass bottle with a dropper. The glass is much more resistant to damage from the sun and heat, and the twist top, if you twist it on tightly, will keep air from getting into the juice.

Choose the Best Vape Flavors

We have listed the best disposable vape flavors in the blog. Please check it out and pick your favorite ones. 

Why Am I Not Getting Flavor from My Vaporizer?

There are many reasons why someone would not be getting flavor from their vaporizer despite having everything set up correctly and having high-quality juice. Vape juice can lose flavor over time. The flavor may diminish or even disappear altogether, especially if the juice is not stored in a cool, dark place. Another reason that you might not be getting any flavor from your vaporizer is that the cotton is burnt or is beginning to go bad. Replacing the cotton and atomizer in your vape is a good way to ensure that you are getting good vape juice with every hit.

Lastly, you might be getting used to the flavor of your juice. Typically, just brushing your teeth will help you start tasting your vape juice again.

Getting enough flavor out of your vaping isn’t too difficult once you know how to go about it. Fortunately, there are companies that look out for keeping your vape juice flavorful, like RandM Vape. RandM is dedicated to maintaining the flavor of vape juice and they are under strict control to ensure the highest quality of juices that grants you the freedom to never worry about losing flavor in your juices.

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