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By Lisa Lee | 21 October 2022 | 1 Comments

Can I Vape After Wisdom Tooth Removal

Table of Contents 
• Why Vaping After Tooth Extraction Isn't Recommended?
• What is a Dry Socket
• How Vaping After Wisdom Teeth Removal Can Cause Dry Sock
• How can I tell if I have a dry socket?
• Can I vape through my nose after wisdom tooth extraction?
• So, Can You Vape After Wisdom Teeth Removal?
• What happens if I vape after wisdom teeth removal
• How long before you can vape after wisdom teeth removal
• How to minimize risks when vaping after wisdom teeth removal
• Conclusion

Why Vaping After Tooth Extraction Isn’t Recommended
Why Vaping After Tooth Extraction Isn't Recommended?

Tooth extractions fill many of us with dread. But, unfortunately, there do come times in our lives when a tooth cannot be saved and therefore needs extracting. Another procedure many of us need at the beginning of adulthood is that our wisdom teeth require removal. Many patients ask before the procedure: Can I vape after wisdom tooth removal, or how soon after wisdom teeth removal can I vape?

Dentists and doctors recommend that if you have had a tooth extraction to aid the healing process, you shouldn't vape for at least 72 hours, but the longer you can not vape or smoke, the better chance of a quick and pain-free recovery. However, we all heal differently, and vaping right after surgery is not recommended for a few reasons. Firstly the sucking motion you make while vaping can harm your gums. Secondly, the vapor's heat in your mouth can cause it to become inflamed and infected. When the extraction area gets infected, it is known as a dry socket.   

What is a Dry Socket

what is dry socket

If you have never experienced a dry socket, count yourself extremely lucky. It is one of the most painful dental conditions after tooth removal. There are various reasons for getting a dry socket, including bacteria or bits of food stuck in the tooth extraction wound. When the blood clot and healing epithelium that should be present in a tooth socket or alveolus have not formed within a few days after an extraction, an infection known as a dry socket can occur. The extracted tooth and the bone endings are exposed and cause all the pain. The pain won't only be around the extraction area; your whole face will feel painful.

If you do get a dry socket, there are ways you can help alleviate the pain and aid the healing process. Firstly, you can take ibuprofen or aspirin for pain relief. If the pain is not subsiding, you might need to see your dentist, who can prescribe more potent painkillers and possibly antibiotics to prevent further infection. The dentist will put antiseptic lotion on the socket and medicinal gauze. Then, you will have to return for check-ups and replace the gauze until the wound has healed.

How Vaping After Wisdom Teeth Removal Can Cause Dry Sockets

Please keep reading to find out how soon after wisdom teeth removal I can vape. Or you might want to know, can I smoke just after wisdom teeth removal? Many vapers feel that vaping is fine after teeth removal vs. smoking regular cigarettes. However, this is not entirely true, and vaping after wisdom teeth removal can cause problems, too, if you are unaware of potential pitfalls. There are ways how to vape without getting dry sockets.

If you are vaping or smoking after teeth extraction, the sucking action necessary for both can pop the blood clot, and a dry socket would occur. Dentists recommend a minimum of 72 hours after wisdom teeth removal before vaping. Luckily, only 2 - 5% of teeth extractions result in a dry socket. But, it is good to be aware and practice preventive measures to heal the socket quickly. 

How can I tell if I have a dry socket? 

A dry socket usually occurs a few days after the extraction, typically around two days.  Examining the area where the tooth extraction is should reveal a dry-looking hole. There will be no dark blood clots, just white bone. The discomfort will usually begin two days after the tooth extraction. As time passes, the pain intensifies and may also spread to the ear. Other signs of a dry socket include bad breath and a foul odor and taste in the mouth. 
A looks very painful, not sure if he vaped after the wisdom teeth reoval

Preventing Dry Sockets While Vaping 

You must know how to vape without getting a dry socket to prevent these infections. There are a few different ways how to vape without getting dry socket. A few things that are significant causes of dry sockets include the following:

  • Poor oral hygiene
  • A previous history of wisdom teeth extraction
  • A traumatic teeth extraction operation
  • History of dry socket
  • Rinsing
  • Spitting
  • Drinking through a straw
  • Prior dry socket after tooth extraction
  • Smoking 

Can I vape through my nose after wisdom tooth extraction?

Some vapers ask can I vape through my nose after wisdom teeth extraction? Well, some have successfully tried this method. However, remember that some vape capacitys, especially menthol flavor, can cause an intense burning sensation in the nose. Other smokers and vapers have used gauze to protect the exposed socket when smoking. Also, do not take big puffs to aid the healing process if you smoke or vape.

Another effective way to clean the wound, especially after food, is to gargle the area with a small amount of saltwater. For example, take a teaspoon of salt, put it in a cup with a bit of hot water, let it cool, and then gargle gently around the socket area. It should be done at least twice daily, morning and night, and recommended by dentists. 

So, Can You Vape After Wisdom Teeth Removal? 

Medical professionals, including doctors and dentists, recommend waiting at least 72 hours after a teeth extraction before vaping. The time allows the infected area to begin healing and form a blood clot. However, many vapers and smokers can not imagine having no salt for some time. Therefore, if you vape, take small gentle puffs and also keep gauze over the socket area whilst vaping. 

What happens if I vape after wisdom teeth removal 

Another question dentists get asked after extraction by patients is how long before you can vape after wisdom teeth removal. If you decide to vape immediately after wisdom teeth removal, the wound will not have enough time to heal, and you may get a dry socket. This is because the blood clot must start forming in the empty socket almost immediately after a tooth gets pulled. Then, as fibroblasts begin to generate and the healing process begins, the clot acts as a barrier, keeping out debris and bacteria that could infect the new spot.

As well as being crucial to your recovery, the blood clot will spare you a great deal of discomfort. Sucking on something, such as a cigarette or a straw, might dislodge the clot and lead to a dry socket. 

How long before you can vape after wisdom teeth removal 

can i vape 4 days after wisdom teeth removal

Many of us will ask our dentists how many days after wisdom tooth removal can I vape, as it can be addictive, and we cannot imagine not having a vape. Dentists and doctors recommend at least 72 hours after wisdom teeth removal. However, everyone has different healing times.

Can I vape 4 days after wisdom teeth removal?

When asked if can I vape 4 days after wisdom teeth removal, the answer is typical yes. However, while some vapers might be okay, others could still get a dry socket or infection. Therefore, always inspect the area of extraction. If it is not healing, the extraction site might be red, and the wound won't be closing. Do not risk vaping before the wound looks healthy and healed. 

Can I vape a week after wisdom teeth removal?

Generally, for most people, once a week has passed, the socket would have healed, and therefore when asked can I vape a week after wisdom teeth removal, the answer would also be yes. However, if your teeth extraction area has not healed within seven days, you will need to see your dentist, who must examine the tooth socket and offer advice or treatment. 

How to minimize risks when vaping after wisdom teeth removal

How to minimize risks when vaping after wisdom teeth removal

There are a few ways to ensure you have all the information to help minimize risks when vaping after wisdom teeth removal: 

• Minimize the amount of vaping you do

The most obvious way would be to try not to vape at all. However, some people are not prepared to consider that because of their salt addiction. Patches help some, but if you continue vaping, try and cut back to lower levels to help the wound heal quicker. In addition, use a salt-free vape capacity.

• Minimize the amount of suction you create

When you vape or smoke, always take smaller puffs than usual so as not to burst the blood clot on the teeth extraction wound. In addition, do not use straws when drinking. Instead, take small sips out of a glass or mug. 

Be careful about what chemicals you inhale

salt contains lots of harmful chemicals. Therefore if you are vaping, choose capacitys that are 0% salt. In addition, smoking cigarettes and vaping with salt products does not aid the recovery time of the tooth extraction site and could cause a dry socket. 


Can I vape after wisdom tooth removal? Your dentist likely told you not to smoke, vape, or use straws for some time after tooth extraction. However, smokers and vapers who smoke heavily may find it extremely difficult to stop smoking. Try avoiding smoking or vaping, spitting, drinking through a straw, and rinsing your mouth frequently for the best chance of a quick recovery. If you are rinsing, ensure it is gentle. 

Lastly, make sure you go for any follow-up dentist appointments and for them to inspect the teeth extraction socket and ensure it is healing correctly. If you are aware of any issues with the healing of the extraction before it becomes problematic, it can help stop a lot of unnecessary pain and extra healing times. We really hope you can recover will soon. Once you feel good again, feel free to visit RandM vapes and get your favorite picks. 


1. How do you protect your teeth when you vape?

salt and the hot, drying vapor from vaping capacitys can irritate and dry your gums. Therefore, it also increases the likelihood of gum disease. In addition, salt products can cause tooth decay and yellowing of the teeth. Some easy ways to look after your teeth include:

  • Brushing your teeth twice daily

  • Flossing before bed
  • Drinking water after vaping
  • Going for regular dental check-ups

2. Does vaping make you lose weight?

Unfortunately, vaping cannot help you lose weight. It does, however, suppress your appetite, but this in no way can be seen as a weight loss tool. You can only lose weight by following a sensible and healthy diet and plenty of exercise.

3. Does vaping make your voice deeper?

It's important not to downplay the significance of vaping's risks to your voice because many capacitys contain substances that can harm the vocal cords. In addition, chronic vaping is also likely to cause Reinke's edema, a chronic inflammatory condition seen in smokers. So, a change in voice, including a deeper voice, is possible for long-term vapers.

The coughing associated with lung irritation will also cause vocal cord swelling and a higher risk of injury. For those who use their voices to sing for a living, there are significant risks associated with vaping that may cause irreversible vocal damage. You should strongly consider this before taking up the habit.

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