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By hirsi | 14 March 2023 | 1 Comments

Find Out Now, What Is Considered a Puff on a Vape?

Find Out Now, What Is Considered a Puff on a Vape?
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What is considered a puff on a vape? The puff count of a vape is the approximate number of puffs that it will provide.  
Every day, disposable vapes become more popular all over the world. At the same time, it seems more black market vape manufacturers tend to manipulate the number of vape puffs. People, that find e-cigs the perfect alternative to harmful cigarettes asks this question frequently – what is considered a puff on a vape?
As a first step into vaping, you should know why there are debates around puff counts. Some manufacturers use manipulative practices that lead to misleading claims about their vape puff counts. Part of the reason is the fact that there isn’t any standard testing designed to reproduce the exact human vaping.
Most e-cigarette users who seek out a disposable vape, always try to find the most satisfying flavor and the best battery power. However, another extremely important factor is missing here – the puff count! The Disposable’s puff count plays a significant role in your decision to buy a specific vape model. Therefore, all manufacturers should clearly indicate their disposable's puff count on the market.
If you’re new to your vaping journey, this question might be at the forefront of your mind – how long does a disposable vape last? or how many puffs in a vape? Here I brought you my years of vaping experience to show you how to factor puff counts into your time choosing the perfect product.
Let’s take a look at the answers!
What Is Considered A Puff on A Disposable Vape?
Puff count is an approximate number of puffs or hits (also known as tokes or draws) you can get from a disposable vape before its capacity, battery power, or both run out. If your vape contains 6000 puffs, it means you should replace it after 6000 hits. You can expect a 6000 puffs vape last around 4 days if you’re a heavy hitter like me.
How many puffs in a vape are common? Disposable vape's puff count range between 300 to 10000 and the most popular ones are those with bigger puffs (around 10000 puffs). Each disposable vape puff count is different and a wide variety of models offer somewhere between 300 and 1500 puffs. A 300 puffs vape is considered closely equivalent to a full pack of cigarettes.
TPD-regulated areas such as the UK have limited the capacity capacity to the maximum of 2ml. Therefore, the most typical puff count for disposable vapes there is around 600 puffs.
Most vapes on the market have a system that utilizes refillable pods or tanks, but some disposables contain a pre-filled cartridge that cannot be refilled. So, vapers need to know what is considered a puff on a disposable vape and how much it last. Vapes usually don't end up getting an exact number of puffs and they have fewer draws than advertised numbers.
Another reason that we can only estimate the puff numbers is that it all depends on how deep your draws are. You can get more puffs out of a disposable vape if you don’t inhale each puff so deeply. Deeper hits actually shorten the number of puffs and quick, shallow puffs extend it.
  1. How Long Does a Disposable Vape Last?
It highly depends on the puff count indicated on the cover or box. If you own a 400 puffs vape, you can expect it to last anywhere from 200 to 400 puffs (around two or three days). A 400-puff vape is considered the equivalent of 20 cigarettes.
Also, some disposables are rechargeable and come with a Type-C charger. But, some of them are not rechargeable which rise the risk of battery runout before the capacity finishes. Most disposable vapes on the market come with a battery size of 280mAh. However, the battery size can range up to 850mAh.
The battery capacity and puff counts are not the only things that determine how long a disposable vape lasts. Another important factor is the amount of vape juice (also known as capacity) it contains. The common amount of capacity in disposable vapes is around 1.5 to 2ml. As mentioned earlier, TPD-regulated areas must stay within the 2ml juice limit.
One of the most popular disposable vapes on the market that lasts very long is the 10000-puff vape of RandM. This is the first company to sell disposable vapes with the biggest puffs (up to 10000 puffs) on the market. As a 6-year vaper who has tried almost everything, I LOVE RandM quality products, sexy design, and a wonderful variety of Vape juice.
  1. How Can I Make Puff Counts More Accurate?
One of the best methods to make puff counts more accurate is to use your device standardly. The standard draw time is about 1 second. You can keep your eye on it for a few first puffs to make it closer to a realistic vaping experience.
This method helps you fairly compare devices and make a true judgment. It also forces manufacturers to represent puff counts more accurately. Its benefits are similar to using mg/ml for salt strength, which allows you to correctly compare salt strength regardless of quantity.
Another easy way is to add an estimated symbol (such as ≈ ~ or ℮) on the puff count. This is a simple method for both manufacturers and customers to have more clarity on puff count. These symbols are already used on food products. It would make it clear to everyone that any claim around puff count is an estimate at best. It doesn’t solve the problem entirely but it would be a good short-term solution as some producers exaggerate disposables puff counts.
How Long Is a Puff on A Vape?
How long is a puff on a vape? or in other words, is one puff the same for different people? These primary questions are the main concern about manufacturers misleading puff count claims. They sometimes take advantage of users’ lack of experience.
As a heavy hitter, I toke my disposable for 3 or 4 seconds per draw, while a different person may only toke it for 1 second per pull. Therefore, each person can experience wildly different puff counts. The longer the user draws with each toke, the fewer puffs the user will get from the device.
Claims around disposables puff counts are unreliable and very difficult to specify. This means that manufacturers can easily manipulate users by claiming larger puff counts than their product can actually provide.
A good way to find trustworthy brands is to ask experienced vapers for some suggestions. If you have a friend or family member who uses e-cigs, you can ask them to suggest some of their best picks! RandM vapes have always been my best shot, whether I’ve been looking for real big puffs or amazing flavors.
How Many Puffs in A Vape?
Take RandM vape for example! RandM has disposable vapes with puffs from 600 to 10000 (which is the biggest one on the market). The most popular disposable vapes are RandM 10000 puffs, RandM vape 9000 puffs, and RandM vape 7000 puffs. You won’t be disappointed on holidays or during a trip if you pick one of these big puff devices. They don’t need to be replaced very soon, making them a perfect alternative to smoking – especially when you cannot smoke cigarettes in some areas.
Ultimately, it all depends on your vaping habit. You can get the most out of your device with small hits like half-second draws. If you prefer longer draws like 5 seconds on each toke, expect your disposable to run out very soon. Verifying any manufacturer claims is so difficult but you can use the methods we have provided earlier to find the best disposable vape that suits your needs.
Wrap up
Now that you’ve discovered what is considered a puff on a vape, it’s better to look for products that hold the same standard as the entire vape industry. A well-regulated company provides you with safe products that are a genuine alternative to smoking harmful cigarettes. If you are looking for the safest and longest-lasting disposable vape, RandM 10000 puff is your best shot!
The puff count plays a significant role in the value of a disposable vape. Still, you should pick the ideal puff count completely based on your needs. Although devices that have higher puff counts provide more overall value, they also tend to result in larger-looking vapes that make more vapor. This may or may not be your choice! Thus, pay attention to the different puff counts of your favorite device.
Puff counts are only one of the many factors that are important when choosing a particular vape. You can check out here to find the best options for top-quality disposable vapes with a wide variety of puff counts, flavors, sizes, designs, and more.

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