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By Rhonda R. Smart | 15 December 2022 | 0 Comments

How to Do Tricks with Vape?

how to do trciks with vapes

Are you looking for popular vape tricks that you can do to amaze yourself and your friends? Whether you’ve been vaping for a while or you are just getting started, grasping these tricks can really make a difference.

From the ghost vape trick to the dragon trick, there is so much you can learn. To get you started, we have created a simple guide on how to do tricks with vape. The following are the popular tricks covered:

  • Ghost inhale
  • French inhale
  • O’s vape trick
  • Bane inhale
  • Vape bend
  • Helix tornado
  • Jellyfish trick
  • Dragon vape trick

Can you Do Vape Tricks With a Disposable

Yes, you can do vape tricks with a disposable. But not all disposable vapes are good for doing vape tricks. When learning how to do tricks with a disposable vape, we’d suggest you use RandM 10000 disposable vape and RandM 7000 disposable vape for the best results.

How Many Vape Tricks Are There?

Are you wondering how many vape tricks are there? Well, there’re dozens of vape tricks out there. And we summarize the tutorials of the most popular vape trick for you. Enjoy.

As you begin your journey as a cloud chaser, you may also wonder - do you need a fancy vape to do cool tricks? The simple answer is no. Most vapes are sufficient to try the tricks described in this guide.

Let’s get started on how to do vape tricks for beginners!

1. How to Do the Ghost Vape Trick

The ghost vape trick is created by releasing a ball of vapor from your mouth and inhaling it back. It is also called the “Mushroom Cloud” trick. You have to remember three important elements when performing this trick:

  • Releasing the ghost
  • The speed at which you let the ghost out
  • Inhaling the ghost

The basics of the ghost vape trick are to exhale the thick cloud of vapor, forming a ball-like shape, and suck it back in. the impressive trick may feel as though it is complicated but you will be surprised by how easy it is to execute. All that you need to do is master the art of patience and you will be good to go.

• Here is how to do a ghost vape trick:

#1: Release a bait from your mouth in a ball formation

#2: Push your tongue and release your own vapor

#3: Slowly inhale the vapor of the ghost. Be careful not to do it faster in order to form a little “ghost” as you suck it back in.

Keep your own face pretty small when inhaling the ghost because it'll make the ghost very dense and easy to see.

Ghosting is fun. Even if you are new to vaping, you would get started with this trick and make significant progress on it. One thing that makes it stand out is that it is applicable to both seasoned vapors and newbies.

2. How to Do the French Inhale

How to Do the French Inhale
One of the most famous vape tricks is the French Inhale. Sometimes called the Irish Waterfall, the trick focuses on directing the vapor upwards from your mouth and inhaling it through the nostrils. If you have ever stared at someone doing the French Inhale trick, you might feel the temptation to also try it yourself. Following basic steps can get you started in no time.

#1: Drag a large amount of vapor and keep it in your mouth

#2: Keep the vape in your cheeks

#3: Hold your breath as you slowly open your mouth to release the vape

#4: While still holding your breath, slowly eject the vape. Ensure that you do not blow it out of your mouth. Instead, let the vapor flow out on its own, positioning your tongue at the back of your mouth

#5: Inhale through your nose while closing your mouth really slowly. Remember that even while you are inhaling, you should still be pushing the vapor out of your mouth using your tongue. You should not exhale the vapor in place of pushing it out.

You can make your French inhale look cooler by widening your mouth a little and developing an underbite. Once you are done forming your waterfall with vapor, you can blow away any remaining vapor that you are having a hard time inhaling via the nose.

3. How to Bane Inhale

Have you watched The Dark Knight Rises? If you have, then you already know what a Bane Mask is. Inspired by the French Inhale trick, the Bane Inhale trick aims at making a bane that is like that of the iconic batman villain. It is an advanced-level French inhale that requires a couple of trials to master it.

#1: Inhale the vape and keep it in your cheeks. You can thicken it by moving it around. Be careful not to inhale the vapor all the way to your lungs. Instead, it has to remain within your cheeks and make them as thick as you can.

#2: Start performing French inhale as shown above. As you do so, push the jaw forward and connect your teeth with the upper lip. Simultaneously have the smoke get out of your mouth slowly while at the same time pulling it in via the nose.

#3: Close your teeth as the vape seeps out to create several vapor strands. Allow the vapor to get out via the crevices formed between your teeth and lip while inhaling via the nose. As the vapor flows out of your mouth, close your teeth to separate it, which then flows up to your node. That builds the bane mask appearance.

This should not be difficult to perform after you’ve mastered the French inhale.

4. How to do O's vape trick

One of the vape tricks that have been around for the longest time. Despite this trick is an age-old one, do not mistake it for being simple. You may have to make several trials before mastering it. There are many variations that you can do around this trick but it requires dedication to get it right.

• Here’s how to do O's vape trick:

#1: Inhale the vape inward, being careful not to drag all of it toward the lungs

#2: Get your mouth in the right shape that creates an O shape. Your tongue has to lie flat at the bottom of the mouth while the lips form this shape. Remember that how you form your mouth will determine your success or failure in getting this trick right. Keeping your lips too wide or not wide enough means the vapor will come out in the usual way you normally exhale. The best size of your mouth can be attained by opening it as wide as you can while keeping the O shape. Then size it down by half.

#3: Use your throat to push vapor out of your mouth by performing a mini cough. A couple of practices will help you to get it right. The cough method is the most effective at pushing out vapor through the O-shaped mouth to form an O vape. After ensuring your mouth and tongue are in the right place, make a slight cough using your throat and vocal cords to push the vapor out.

Since many people perform this trick, you can make it cooler by adding speed and distance, as well as creating a backspin. You can also make some “fat donuts” with this trick by tucking your lips in rather than pushing them out. Most newbies will make such mistakes around this trick in their early days.

5. How to Vape Bend?

Vape bending means directing your smoke ring in a way that it bends with your hands. Honestly speaking this is not one of those tricks you will just wake up and start doing. It requires you to dedicate a good amount of time practicing before you can get it right.

#1: Refer to trick #4 on how to blow an O ring

#2: Drag vapor into your mouth and hold it for a short while

#3: Cup your hand beside your mouth and blow an O ring

#4: Follow the O ring with your hand and direct it as desired

You have to move as slowly as possible when directing the O ring or else you risk breaking it. After you’ve mastered the directing bit, you can try other tricks like spinning the ring.

To make a great vape bend, you should drag as thick vapor as possible. That helps make the vapor visible so that you can see it when carrying out this trick.

6. How to Vape Helix Tornado?

This is a very popular trick that makes vape smoke spin in a tornado shape. The trick may be sane but is quite simple to master after several trials.

The helix tornado trick requires that you create a pool of vapor on a smooth and flat surface. Going for anything that’s rough would mean the trick fails. You will also have to use your hand gestures to direct the vapor as needed until you form the required shape.

#1: Drag in as much vapor as you can

#2: Breath the vapor onto a flat table that has nothing on it.

#3: Place only your pinky and ring fingers onto the table, separate from the other fingers

#4: Alternatively, place all your fingers together and insert your hand into the smoke (Choose an option that best works for you)

#5: Move your hand up vertically to rise the smoke in a spinning manner, hence the tornado

#6: The above actions create a DNA-resembling strand, hence your tornadoes

7. How to Do Jellyfish Vape Trick

A man is doing jellyfish vape trick

Jellyfish is basically when you push a Big “O” out and fill it up with vape. The trick comes with several variations but the bottom line is the same. Blowing an O out of your mouth produces a type of airflow in the running track, which graduates to a vortex that rotates to the inside. Adding extra clouds to it means the clouds get stuck in the swirl and around the edges of the ring, hence the jellyfish shape.

Jellyfish is very tricky to perform. Follow these steps to learn how to do jellyfish vape trick:

#1: Blow a firm O out with either two hands or one hand. It doesn't really matter

#2: Take a second mouth hit and aim in the center of the O

#3: Clamp your jaw and follow it with your body a little bit

#4: Spill into jelly, don’t do it too much or too little. Do it in between

The trick can result in a thicker or thinner trail depending on the way you spill into the jelly. Once you fill the jelly, it will basically just go on its own.  

8. How to Do the Dragon Vape Trick

Would you like to become a monstrous dragon when vaping? Learn this trick and in no time, you will be all set. The trick does not require any rocket science to start executing it. All that you have to do is take in a big drag but do not inhale it. At this point, you can force it out through your nose and the sides of the mouth.

Here is how to do the dragon vape trick:

#1: Drag a sufficient amount of vape from the device

#2: Hold the vapor in your mouth, making sure that you do not inhale it

#3: Forcefully exhale through your nose while at the same time exhaling through the sides of your mouth

#4: Use the central part of your lips to block the vapor as it blows out of the mouth. Please note that your lips may feel slightly uncomfortable when starting out but you will soon get used to it and vape like a pro!

#5: Now make an angry face as the vapor comes out to look like a dragon!

Wrap Up

And there you have it! How to do cool tricks with a vape. Check out any of the above eight tricks and you will be good to go. You may want to invest in a RandM 10000 puffs vape and RandM 7000 puffs vape to start with the ones you find to be simple before moving to the advanced ones.


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